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O Nama

ABC PROIZVOD Company was founded in 1990. The founder of the company is Mr. Zoran Žunić, BEc, who is still the only owner of the company today. The company has grown into a serious industrial company with gradual advancement and continuous investment from a small trading company. Now his son Filip is also involved in the work of the company. The company is headquartered in Užice, western Serbia, 200 km from Belgrade.

Today, production takes place in modern industrial halls with an area of about 8000m². The most up-to-date equipment of renowned world manufacturers (laser metal cutting, robotic welding, automated powder coating) is represented in the production process and raw materials from top quality manufacturers with efficient organization, certified by appropriate certificates. In 2007, the company introduced the quality management system SRPS ISO 9001/2015, which is maintained and improved. Since 2013, two more standards have been introduced: SRPS OHSAS 18001/2008 and SRPS ISO 14001/2015, so that the company has an INTEGRATED QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM, which is certified by an accredited body.

Our company is fully committed to the wishes of its customers and the quality of the products for which it gives a five-year warranty. The products are in addition to the countries of the former Yugoslavia, from Slovenia to Macedonia, found their markets in Greece, Romania, Sweden, Ireland, Spain, USA, Japan and England. Compared to the global giants, the company is small, but with its 65 skilled and motivated workers and cutting edge technology, it is very efficient and flexible, able to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers. The development of each new product is achieved with great responsibility, love towards its business and involvement of top experts from the company, as well as other associates who with their knowledge make a big contribution in certain areas.