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Radiation heating in space - Solid fuel - CONCEPT 2 AIR

Radiation heating in space - Solid fuel - CONCEPT 2 AIR

The CONCEPT 2 AIR and CONCEPT 2 MINI AIR stoves are designed for space heating, cooking and baking. They use solid fuel: dry wood, coal or briquettes. They give the impression of a fireplace, thanks to the fireproof glass on the door to the firebox. Secondary draft vents allow air to flow into the glass door area of the firebox, preventing the buildup of soot on the glass. This unique form of regulation of primary and secondary draft is a novelty in the field of standard furnaces for solid fuel for households (explained in more detail in ABC QUADRO and ABC ROLO furnaces).

The construction of the CONCEPT 2 AIR and CONCEPT 2 MINI AIR stoves allows precise control of the intensity of the temperature, easy combustion and cleaning of ash. State-of-the-art primary and secondary draft control allows the user immediate control of the fire intensity.

  • Furnace type: Radiation heating in space – Solid fuel
  • Warranty: 5 years




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