ABC PROIZVOD D.O.O. will not work from December 31st 2021. to January 17th 2022. During the holidays You can contact us througr Call center: +381 63 581 843. We wish You all Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


ABC PRODUCT has started exporting its products to the Japanese market. At the same time, we are working on the development of new models of boilers for heating sanitary water, specially adapted to the requirements of the Japanese market.

Line for chemical preparation and powder coating of metals

An automatic line for chemical preparation and powder coating of metals has started working in our factory. By automating the process of washing, drying, electrostatic powder application and baking, our previous capacities have been multiplied, and at the same time the quality of surface protection has been raised to a higher level. The center of this circular system is a powder application robot from the Swiss manufacturer “Gema”. Thanks to this significant technological improvement, our factory is opened for a larger number of services to third parties from the most diverse branches of the metal industry.

New machine for laser cutting of metals

A new machine for laser cutting of metals was put into operation in  our factory. The fiber laser from the German manufacturer “Trumpf” with a power of 6 kW enables super fast cutting with nitrogen. The machine is equipped with an automatic system for adding sheets and removing cut parts, which makes it competitive for work on large series. We perform service cutting of steel and aluminum sheets up to 25 mm thick.